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Scottish Tartan Wool Blankets

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If you want authentic Scottish tartan wool travel blankets, then you're in the right place.

Soft, but durable, you can use these beautiful tartan travel rugs to snuggle up during winter or enjoy a classy, comfortable picnic in the wild Australian nature during the warmer months. The ultimate road trip accessory for you to travel in style and be prepared for all weather on your travels.

Also, their elegant pattern design makes them a great addition to your homestead decor, adding subtle luxury and style.

Warm, soft, and snuggly in original Scottish tartan; the perfect combination of traditional comfort & classic style!

Recycled wool travel rugs are eco-friendly products that are made with sustainable practices. Instead of virgin Merino wool fibre; wool offcuts, older blankets and garments are separated into colour groups and then shredded, spun and processed together to make a new, yet recycled yarn. This yarn is then woven into a traditional Scottish tartan recycled wool travel blanket.

  • The perfect rugs for travel, adventures, journeys, holidays and road trips
  • Eco-friendly products - recycled wool is more sustainable
  • They're part of our Australian heritage story; a nod to the Scottish settlers that first came to our small town.
  • 69” x 62” | 175cm x 157cm - a large size ideal for outdoor picnics and staying cosy in all seasons